"La Llorona" - A Haunting New Duet Resurrects a Timeless Tale

Proof & Press

In a captivating blend of history and innovation, Fat Unicorn Studios announces the worldwide song release of "La Llorona”, a hauntingly beautiful duet written and produced by Philip Gabbard and performed by Federico Valdez (featuring Angela Muniz).

“La Llorona is more than just a song; it's a reimagining of a timeless tale. In just three minutes, it transports listeners through centuries of folklore and cultural heritage, weaving a new chapter into the age-old tapestry of storytelling,” Philip Gabbard adds.

About the Folklore:

The mythical story of La Llorona, tells of a heartbroken woman named Maria who, consumed by madness and betrayal, tragically drowns her own children. Realizing the horror of her actions, she is condemned to roam for eternity, searching for her lost children by the river.

This chilling legend embodies themes of love, loss, and sacrifice, making it an enduring symbol of tragedy and foreboding in Hispanic culture.

About the Artists:

• Federico Valdez is a multi-talented performer, musician, singer, dancer, songwriter, and producer from Cd. Juarez, Mexico. Federico's musical prowess spans diverse genres and eras, showcased in his recent works, including "Mil Vidas Mas" released in August.

• Angela Muniz is an actor, songwriter, and performer from El Paso, Texas. Angela's vocal compositions contributed to the dramatic sound of "La Llorona." Her immense talents are evident in this performance, promising spectacular future projects.

• Philip Gabbard is a renowned songwriter and producer known for evocative creative compositions. With a passion for storytelling through books, film and music, he consistently pushes creative boundaries, breathing new life into timeless tales.

• Francisco Castaneda is an award winning writer, director, composer and filmmaker with past projects earning major festival selections and projects acquired by major producers such as Netflix.

Release Party:

The official music video release party will be Friday, October 6, 2023 at Proof & Press, 3737 N. Mesa, El Paso, Texas, 79902 at 7pm.