Saint West And Reign Disick Dressed Up As Kanye West For Halloween

The Kardashians love Halloween. How do we know? Because they've shared so many different costumes on Instagram it's getting hard to keep up with our favorite, famous family. Kim Kardashian West may have taken the first place prize, though, after she posted a photo of her son, Saint West, and nephew, Reign Disick, dressed up as Kanye West and Lil Pump from the "I Love It" music video. 

Kim shared a series of hilarious shots of Saint and Reign in the giant, boxy ensembles, including a video where she begs them to do their best serious faces. Saint and Reign were clearly having too much fun singing together and laughing. Reign even topples over at the end of the video because the costume is too heavy. 


Saint and Reign weren't the only ones who got to dress up as Kanye and Lil Pump. Saint's older sister, North West, and Reign's older sister, Penelope Disick, dressed in the same costumes Ye and Lil Pump wore while they performed "I Love It" on Saturday Night Live. On the season 44 premiere of SNL, Kanye rocked a huge Perrier bottle costume and Lil Pump wore a Fiji bottle over his clothes. North and Penelope wore the same costumes for Halloween.

These Kanye-inspired costumes definitely give all the other Kardashian costumes a run for their money, including the epic Victoria's Secret Angels costume all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters rocked. Oh, and all the super adorable baby costumes Stormi Webster and True Thompson wore over the past few days. 


What do you think: which Kardashian-Jenner family member won Halloween this year?

Photo: Kim Kardashian 


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