Diana Ross Says She Was 'Violated' By TSA At New Orleans Airport

Diana Ross is claiming she was "violated" by a New Orleans Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer over the weekend.

The legendary songstress took to Twitter to air out her grievances after a TSA worker allegedly mistreated her while giving her a pat down at the airport. "OK so on one hand I’m treated like royalty in New Orleans and at the airport I was treated like sh*t," she began her series of tweets on Sunday (May 5). "Let me be clear , Not the [people] or Delta BUT TSA , was over the top !! Makes me want to cry !!!"

The 75-year-old singer continued, "Its not what was done but how , I am feeling violated - I still feel her hands between my legs , front and back ( saying to me it her job ,) WOW!!really mixed emotions I always like to see the good things but not feeling good right now."

After saying she was "feeling better" hours following the incident, Diana later added, "We are so blessed to have the security that we have at the airports and in our country- this I know And I appreciate it 'TOTALLY' Thank you to all those good and loving people that take care of me and us thank you thank you thank you."

Following Diana's series of Tweets, a TSA spokesperson responded to the incident, per CNN, saying that an initial review of the surveillance footage "indicates that the officers involved with Ms. Ross's screening correctly followed all protocols, however, TSA will continue to investigate the matter further."

Photo: Getty Images

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