SZA Deletes TikTok, Says The Internet Is 'Demonic'

Photo: Getty Images

SZA has deleted her TikTok account for Mental Health Awareness Month.

The "I Hate U" singer took to Twitter yesterday (May 4) to call out those who criticized her for attending the 2022 Met Gala after previously stating that she wasn't going to any events until her next album was out. “Not going to any more award shows or events til my album out," she wrote last month. SZA gave an update on her new album while on the red carpet: “The album’s finally like, ready to go, more than I’ve ever felt, like, before," she said. "So this summer… It’ll be a SZA summer.” However, it seems that some fans weren't satisfied as the singer responded in a series of tweets:

“I swear to God if I didn’t accidentally fall in love w music .. I would NEVER EVER COME OUTSIDE. Ya’ll suck the joy and life out of EVERYTHING. Thank God for purpose cause Outside of art it’s f-ck y’all . Now run w that. And please know when I drop anything it’s not for y’all . It’s to free my motherf-cking self.”

SZA later opened up on her Instagram story about why she's deleting her TikTok account. “Get off the internet. The internet is demonic,” she wrote. “I deleted my TikTok for mental health awareness month. I encourage everyone to delete anything anyone and everything that doesn’t serve you. Bless."

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