Mom Who Gave Baby Pun For Name Called 'Cruel'

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If you use a pun when naming a store, it makes the name more memorable. It's hard to forget places called Thai Tanic, Shear Lock Combs, Florist Gump and Bread Pitt. However, when it comes to naming a child, it might be best to avoid a pun. One mom disagrees though, and gave her daughter a punny name. Now, she's being called "cruel" for it and has turned to Reddit to see if others think she made a mistake.

In her post, she explained that growing up, she had a friend named Justin Case, which ignited in her a desire to use wordplay in her child's name, whenever she had one. Well the time came and she gave birth to a baby girl. She described her daughter's name and why she chose it saying, "I admittedly love creative name play choices and I went with one for my daughter, Astoria Booker (Stori Book)... Thoughts?"

As people started chiming in and chiding her for her decision, saying it sets her kid up for being teased, she further explained, "I don't think it's nearly as obvious as this subreddit seems to think it is. We have an uncommon last name and with the middle name being Booker, it won't be used often either way. I've only had one person, a librarian, notice the correlation between the first and middle name."

Commenters were split, saying things like, "Astoria Booker is cute and pretty sounding, and not [a] glaring obvious [pun]," and, "Astoria Booker is not an obvious name play to me at all - I'm all for these 'if you know you know' kind of name plays. More obvious ones like Justin Case seem a little cruel toward the child." However, others stated things like, "Your poor daughter," and, "I definitely wouldn't pat myself on the back for naming my kid a clumsy play on words like Astoria Booker for no reason."

You can read more of the comments on Reddit.

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