Drake Gives $100 Million To Revive Theme Park Designed By Basquiat & Others


Photo: Getty Images

Drake is embracing his love for art and carnivals by reviving a theme park created by some of the most famous artists of our time.

According to a recent report from The New York Times, the Her Loss rapper donated $100 million to restore Luna Luna, which is an art-themed carnival that's been in storage for 35 years. Luna Luna contained amusement park rides that were designed by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dali and Keith Hering. The carnival made its debut in Hamburg, Germany back in 1987, however, financial issues caused its founder Andre Heller to shut down the park. It's been locked away for the past three decades until now.

“When I first heard about Luna Luna I was blown away,” Drake told the NYT. “It’s such a unique and special way to experience art. This is a big idea and opportunity that centers around what we love most: bringing people together.”

Heller recently transferred all control to Drake's creative venture business DreamCrew. Each carnival ride has been transported to Los Angeles to undergo a complete restoration. The rides won't stay there for long though. There plans to make it a traveling carnival with an official tour planned for next year. If all goes well, the carnival will make its return overseas in 2024.

“It feels miraculous that the artworks from Luna Luna will again see the light of day, and I am honored that a new generation around the world will experience the wonder of Luna Luna for many years to come,” Heller said.

Drake has already mastered the art of event curation following the 10 years of his successful OVO Fest. We'll see how his traveling art carnival will do.

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