More Details Released On Walmart Shooter's 'Death Note'

Six People Killed In Shooting At Walmart In Chesapeake, Virginia

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Police said the prime suspect in the mass shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, left a "death note" addressed to God on his phone prior to the incident.

Andre Bing, 31, claimed his actions weren't planned, but felt he was being led by Satan as things fell into place in what the Chesapeake Police Department described as a rambling note on Friday (November 25) via NBC News.

Bing also reportedly claimed he had failed to listen to the Holy Spirit, had lost his dignity after his phone was hacked and concluded the note by asking for God's forgiveness for his forthcoming actions.

Chesapeake Police said the statement was found by detectives as they “conducted a forensic analysis of the suspect’s phone which was located at the scene” via NBC News.

The department couldn't confirm when the note was written and have yet to publicly determine a motive in relation to the shooting.

A law enforcement source initially told WAVY's Chris Horne that Bing had kept a manifesto on his phone on Wednesday (November 23).

The source told WAVY that Bing had become upset over a recent change in employment status and kept a list of people he presumably targeted prior to the shooting.

The Chesapeake Police Department said at least six people were killed by a Bing, a disgruntled Walmart manager, who then took his own life.

Two of the victims injured during the shooting remain hospitalized, including one person reported to be in critical condition, the City of Chesapeake confirmed in a tweet shared on Thursday (November 24).

"On this Thanksgiving, we are extra thankful for our community and we are thinking of every victim of the Walmart shooting and their family members," the tweet stated "There are still two people injured in the hospital, one in critical condition and the other in fair/improving condition."

Officers arrived at the scene at 10:14 p.m. and entered the Walmart Supercenter store at 10:16 p.m., declaring it safe just over an hour later, Chesapeake Police Chief Mark Solesky said during a Wednesday (November 23) morning news conference via NBC News.

Bing died from what was described by authorities as a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The shooting was reported to have taken place inside the Walmart Superstore. One victim was found dead outside the store, Chesapeake Police Department public information officer Leo Kosinski confirmed via NBC News.

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