Drake & 21 Savage Admit They Helped Each Other Write Lyrics For 'Her Loss'

Drake & 21 Savage

Photo: Getty Images

Drake and 21 Savage have no problem admitting that they wrote bars for each other during the making of their Her Loss album.

During a recent interview they gave on Saturday, November 26, the OVO Sound founder and the Slaughtergang leader revealed that they assisted one another in the studio as they cooked up songs for their first joint LP.

“I ain’t gon cap, Drake wrote some of my verses on this album,” 21 said proudly. “These facts, you know what I’m saying. I don’t give a f**k what a n***a say. Drake helped me with some of my verses on this album.”

“By the way, you also helped me with s**t too,” Drake added.

Their recent revelation shouldn't serve as much of a surprise to fans, who were already aware of 21's influence on Drake's lyrics throughout the album. In a previous interview, the Atlanta-based artist said that he pushed Drizzy to cook up some of the problematic bars on the album like his alleged shot at Megan Thee Stallion and the real reason why he made up with Ye. So far, Drake himself hasn't explained why he mentioned those artists and others.

“You know I’m pointing it out, like when he send me the songs, I’m pointing out what I heard,” 21 told DJ Akademiks. “I’m tellin’ him like, ‘Yeah n***a, talk that s**t.' You know I’m gassing him. I’m behind him. Whatever he standing on, I’m standing on it too. Say what you feel, n***a.”

In another attempt to say how he feels, Drake also declared that Her Loss is the third installment of a trilogy which includes Honestly, Nevermind and Certified Lover Boy. In the same recent joint interview, the Canadian native put Her Loss in his top three greatest albums of his career.

“[Her Loss] is one of the greatest albums I ever made in my life,” Drake said. “I said the other day, I think this is a clear entry into my top five of my catalog - if not, top three.”

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