WATCH: Diddy Gets Pulled Over By Police While On Instagram Live


Photo: Getty Images

Diddy decided to make the best of his recent run-in with police.

On Friday, September 29, Brother Love cruised the streets of South Beach to pick up his homie DJ Khaled at his Snipes store while he blared The Love Album: Off The Grid loud enough for everyone to hear. Apparently, the music was too loud for one cop who decided to pull Diddy over. According to footage from his Instagram Live, Diddy handled the situation with grace until the cop in question walked back to his car.

"Eat a d**k," Diddy said into the camera as he drove away.


“I’m Love but don’t get it f**ked up," he continued. "They wanna f**k with you for having those peanut butter seats. Ya’ll know what it is out here... It don’t matter. We always going to be able to relate. They gonna pull you over. No matter how much money I got they gonna pull me over and I’m just trying to get to my man... And, this is my city. He know damn well this is my city. You know, I’m the King of New York, LA, and Miami."

Diddy eventually did end up meeting with DJ Khaled at his Snipes store during an event with J Balvin. Khaled and Balvin, who recently joined forces on the Colombian rapper's new song "Dientes," celebrated the release of the Air Jordan 3 x J Balvin "Sunset" sneakers that just dropped last week. Other celebrities like Fat Joe and Timbaland also pulled up to the store for the event.

Check out all the action from the event below.

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