Feminists, Do Your Efforts For Equality End As Soon As The Bill Comes?

On a recent date, a gentleman pulled out his phone to document the reaction a woman had when he asked her to pay for her portion of the bill. To provide some context, this woman had been criticizing men and claiming patriarchy & gender roles as being an enemy to women. This ideology is not uncommon when talking about "cancel culture" online, much like the backlash that Boosie Badazz is receiving for his recent comments about Lori Harvey's body count!

I've heard much of this rhetoric lately where women talk about patriarchal issues & misogynistic practices/thinking being problematic in society, however many of these women seem to long for traditional gender roles when it comes to matters of finances, why is that? Misogyny is certainly problematic & is a society component that projects double standards onto women in a negative way!

Yet, it's confusing when conversations around the necessity for men to conform to non-traditional gender roles end with a woman saying, "I don't plan on working when I get married & have children". Thousands of surveyed women, over 80% in some cases, have also been documented admitting that they could NOT respect a partner who makes less money than them.

So the question is, does the pursuit for gender equality end when it doesn't benefit you ladies....respectfully?