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SEE What Celebrity Boss Sent 300 Cakes By Private Jet As Holiday Gifts

Thanksgiving Travel Returns To Near Pre-Pandemic Volumes Across U.S.

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The annual gift exchange between you and your boss can be the typical interaction where they bless ya with a gift and it comes from the place in your chest -you know your heart- that I hope hasn't shrunk to Grinch size. Or! You each gift one another something and keep it pushing. But then there's the instance where it turns into an awkward situation every year. Either way - pretty sure your boss didn't handle the holiday giving like celebrity boss Tom Cruise who reportedly sent 300 cakes to his Mission Impossible movie crew on his private jet. As the team lead he apparently wanted to brighten their holidays with confections from one of his favorite bake shops in LA and once they were made to perfection they started their journey to London. Maybe your boss won't be shipping any yummy delights across the globe, but be thankful during this season of giving and receiving because even if its just a mug with the company logo- it's still a gift! =)

Feeling motivated by Tom's gift giving flex? Use this as motivation to become a boss yourself and who knows maybe you can be flying gifts to your team on your private jet sometime soon! In the meantime- maybe you can bless your boss or a loved one with a gift from one of your fav celebs! Here's a few to start...

Tracee Ellis Ross will have your curl Pattern feeling moisturized and coiled to perfection!

Naomi Osaka has her own Skin Care Line to highlight all that melanin richness!

Dwayne Johnson is not only entertaining you on every size screen, he will also get you right in the gym and get you pumped with his energy drink. But don't sleep on The Rock's + team's Tequila!

Vera Wang already had you covered for bridal fashions and now she has the Prosecco to keep the cups filled at your wedding or special event!

Kevin Hart will help you work out and do it with heart *ahem* Hart with this rowing machine.

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