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I'm Not So Savage... And Why Be A Jerk?

Bad Parenting? And Does It Even Matter?

Was what I did on Saturday Night really "Classless" and band parenting? And I think we may not be getting kids ready for life no matter how well we parent them?!

Where Did You Meet Your Friends?

We crossed paths with some of out best friends in a pool in Daytona... After an Usher concert... 13 years ago...

Take Your Break

Fresh off one of the few times in 22 years I can actually say I took a break from work. I will give a you quick rundown of our cruise and some tips if you're planning on bookling one!

Checking Boxes

I added another story to the list of stories I will tell someday... Doing this job is getting harder and harder but it shouldn't be. We, as a show, check a lot of boxes... so I feel like we can talk openly with a lot of people...

My Favorite 80's Band Is Back!

Quick episode to talk to my friend Sir Devon Nooner of The Molly Ringwalds. They will be at The House of Blues Orlando Friday night!

I Almost Poked My Eye Out + My Comedy Greatest Hits... And One Miss

My right eye went up against a cardboard box and lost... Plus I will run down my memeories of some of the Stand-Up Comedy shows I have done with big names like Paul Mooney and Tracy Morgan... and the one time that I bombed...

I Want To Jump Out Of My Skin!

My Son is almost 18 and it's stressing me out... and I am probably stressing him out! Last night I had a mini meltdown!

Getting You Caught Up On Pretty Much Everything

A new episode in the first few weeks of the year?! The latest on Yo-Ho, my new vacation policy, doing the opposite of Dry January, and plans for a new podcast with the wife!

Am I Not Nice???

In my last official Radio Business of 2021... I address the question... "Am I a nice person?"