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I Almost Poked My Eye Out + My Comedy Greatest Hits... And One Miss

I Want To Jump Out Of My Skin!

My Son is almost 18 and it's stressing me out... and I am probably stressing him out! Last night I had a mini meltdown!

Getting You Caught Up On Pretty Much Everything

A new episode in the first few weeks of the year?! The latest on Yo-Ho, my new vacation policy, doing the opposite of Dry January, and plans for a new podcast with the wife!

Am I Not Nice???

In my last official Radio Business of 2021... I address the question... "Am I a nice person?"

What's Your Birth Card?

I don't buy into the Astrology stuff, but I looked up Birth Cards to see what she was talking about. My mind is absolutely BLOWN!

First Cruise Since Covid

The wife and I took a much needed vacation... After 3 cruises being canceled last year, we got back on a boat!

I Was That Guy You See On Facebook...

Got into a slight disagreement with someone and he pulled out his phone and started recording me?! The way I see this COVID argument... and meeting a big time star who was just super cool!

The Hiatus Is Back Off, Again

Guess who's back... If you guessed Me... you are correct! Had a nice vacation for the most part... Have a quick observation on "Karens" before we stop using that term for good... and I guess I need to check my privilege?? Anyone know where I should be checking for it?

So... Are We Wearing Masks Still?

Went out maskless for the first time this week... Not sure how it landed with people...

I Wouldn't Be Friends With Me

In my quiet 25 minute drive to work, I realized that I wouldn't hang out with me if I didn't have to...